Announcement: Executive Director Position

Write616 is pleased to share that for 2019, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to build a major, regionally significant event. To successfully execute on this work, and to collaborate effectively with our community partners, we’re establishing a part-time executive director position.

Our new executive director will oversee daily operations of Write616 and take point in leading our efforts to execute on this event. In addition, the E/D will supervise future hires and work closely with the board of directors to ensure effective long-term governance and strategy.

The catch? The first part of the tenure is uncompensated while we put into place the necessary funding and strategic partnerships necessary to make this event a success.

If you’re interested, visit to get started with an application. We only accept applications through our online talent portal; we cannot accept resumes by email or expressions of interest by email or telephone. Send us questions through our Contact Us page.

(And if you’re wondering what this mysterious major event might be — stay tuned for our grand unveiling!)

August Craft Events at Write616

Hone your craft during these dog days of summer with one of two upcoming events.

This month’s Sunday Craft Workshop features a three-hour conversation titled Establishing Yourself as a Freelancer. Join us at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 19, at Avenue for the Arts (307 S. Division, Grand Rapids) for this wide-ranging conversation. Facilitator Jason Gillikin — a commercially successful freelance writer and editor, in addition to leading Caffeinated Press — will cover the basics of pursuing a career in freelance writing, including discussing what employers look for, describing what skills you should hone, explaining what resources you’ll need, and sharing considerations about business organization.

Please purchase a ticket for $50 — your ticket will serve as your event registration.

The Get Pressed program for August is our popular Query Boot Camp. This free, two-hour session starts at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, at Avenue for the Arts. We’ll cover the basics of fiction and non-fiction querying, including market identification, letter design and content, submission tracking and follow-ups. This session is ideal for early-career authors eager to hone their querying skills and to understand how editors and agents evaluate the material they submit.

Get Pressed: Common Errors in Grammar, Usage, Style & Voice

Join us on Tuesday, May 15, for the next monthly Get Pressed workshop. May’s session addresses language. You’ll gain insight into the most common errors in grammar, word usage, writing style and narrative voice that plague submissions from early-career authors.

The Get Pressed series is free. It runs from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at Avenue for the Arts (307 S. Division, Grand Rapids). All we ask is that you register so we know how many to plan for.

Drop-In Writing Hours

Need some time in April to “spring clean” your writer’s portfolio? We’re opening drop-in writing/editing/planning hours at our office, co-located with Caffeinated Press, for you to get stuff done away from the familiar distractions of home.

The doors are open:

  • Tue., 4/10, from 10a to 6p
  • Sat., 4/14, from 2p to 6p
  • Mon., 4/16, from 4p to 8p
  • Thu., 4/19, from 2p to 6p
  • Tue., 4/24, from 4p to 8p
  • Fri., 4/27, from noon to 8p

Visit to see the full calendar.

No need to RSVP, and no registration or fees to attend. Just come and go as you please! We offer coffee, water, tea, Wi-Fi, snacks and access to the Write616 library of resource materials and literary journals.

The office is at 3167 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, 49508—just down the Kalamazoo Avenue hill from the Meijer store at 28th and Kalamazoo. Plenty of on-site free parking and access to The Rapid’s Route 2.

Programming Spotlight: Get Pressed

The Get Pressed series focuses on the business of writing. Optimized for early-career authors (i.e., writers who have little or no experience with traditional publishing), the Get Pressed program covers the basics of author identities, marketing, agents and editors, and literary financing. It’s intended to help people who are unfamiliar with the business side of writing and publishing to gain some traction as they seek publication for the first time.

The dominant perspective is small-press traditional publishing. We will not focus on New York agents or self-publishing skills. You don’t need to be published to understand how publishing works!

This series is facilitated by Jason Gillikin, co-founder and CEO of Caffeinated Press and editor of The 3288 Review. The content is not specific to Caffeinated Press.

Get Pressed occurs on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Avenue for the Arts at 307 South Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you want to attend a session, please find it on the events calendar and reserve a slot. Sessions generally run between one and two hours. Attendance for each session is capped at 20 people. No cost to participate!

Have questions? Visit the Get Pressed forum (you must be logged in) or use the Contact Us page to reach out. We encourage you to visit the forum to see more specific learning objectives and relevant handouts; this content will be uploaded roughly a week before each scheduled session.

2018 Sessions

Please click the link in the date to visit the event page for that session. From there, you can register to attend.

January 16: Establishing Yourself as a Literary Pro

Build your profile with small presses, lit journals, contests & chapbooks before you look for agents — but beware different business models!

February: (no session)

March 20Author Media Toolkit

Improve your odds of scoring a book deal by building your author platform. In this session, we’ll dive into brand identity, author websites, social-media best practices, mailing lists, give-aways and one-pagers.

This session features headshots with photographer Leigh Ann Cobb.

April 17: Critique Framework

Critiques are the most essential part of growing your craft as a writer and polishing your stories for submission. In this session, we’ll review tried-and-tested guidelines for both giving and receiving a critique, as well as tips for finding a great critique group for your particular length and genre. And we’ll even share a detailed checklist of self-edit questions to help you get ready to share your work with the group!

May 15Common Errors in Grammar, Usage, Style & Voice

Ever wonder what the competition looks like? In this casual conversation, the editors at Caffeinated Press will share (de-identified, of course!) the trends we see in grammar, usage, style and voice errors. You’ll learn WHY these errors are pervasive and what you can do to avoid them. A handful of common foibles tend to occur disproportionally often; by avoiding them, you’ll give editors one less reason to reject your submission.

June 19: Agents, Editors & Publishers — Oh, My!

Agents, editors and publishers each play important roles in the publishing industry — but do you know the differences among them? In this session, we’ll review each of these roles and identify strategies you can use to communicate with them most effectively.

July: (no session)

August 21: Query Boot Camp

If your query package isn’t optimal, agents and editors will almost surely pass on your book, no matter how great it might be. In this session, we’ll review approaches to querying, from finding markets to preparing letters to tracking your submissions. If you enjoy the Write616 Get Rejected series, this session is for you!

September 18: Lifecycle of a Book

Literary sausage-making takes a long time and is often opaque to the outside world. In this session, we’ll demystify the steps and the timeframes that occur between initial query to retirement of a book from the publisher’s backlist.

October 16: Samples, Synopses, Bios & Blurbs

There’s a huge difference among samples, synopses, bios and blurbs. In this session, we’ll review the conventions for each and offer a guided workshop to help you fine-tune your bio and get it reviewed by professional editors.

November 20: Contracts 101

You can’t get published by a traditional press without a contract! In this session, you’ll learn what standard contracting terms mean and how to approach disagreements in line with contractual requirements.

December 18: Perfecting Your Manuscript

Don’t obsess over your manuscript’s formatting. Instead, be great at the content and follow best practices for fonts, margins and spacing. In this session, we’ll review conventional formatting specs and also explore how to use Microsoft Word correctly to format a novel-length document.

A special request: We ask that you visit the calendar item for each session to register. Registration is not mandatory, but if you don’t register, you will not receive handouts and you will not be alerted to last-minute schedule adjustments. We can only accept your self-registration online; we cannot accept registrations by phone or email.

Some registration tips:

  • If you already have an account on, please log in before you register to save yourself some keystrokes.
  • If you don’t have an account, creating one is quick, easy and free. You’ll need to opt-in as part of registration. If you don’t get an email, check your spam folder. Most modern email programs send this kind of message to a spam/bulk folder or a “newsletters” folder automatically.
  • You can register for an event as a guest without creating an account. You’ll get an email inviting you to complete account creation, which you’re free to ignore if you wish. If you do not complete the account sign-up, you cannot log back in to cancel your registration for a session and you cannot access the forum.
  • When you register for a session, you may see the screen appear to scroll for a while (depending on the Web browser you use and the plug-ins you’ve installed). You can safely close out after a few moments. You will receive an email confirming your registration within 30 minutes—check your spam if you don’t get it! If you cannot attend after you reserve your seat, please cancel your session registration.

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Your everyday shopping on Amazon can support non-profit organizations across the country.

If you begin your Amazon shopping experience by going to then 0.5 percent of your sales amount will be shared with Write616 — this is a year-round, standing program by Amazon. But as a special bonus, during the period March 12 to March 31, Amazon will triple that donation, to 1.5 percent.

Bookmark that link: If your shopping trip starts there, then we’ll see an Amazon donation.

For reference, in 2017 GLCL had earned nearly $100 in donations from AmazonSmile.

Thank you for supporting the craft of writing in West Michigan!

Video Recap: Writers Squared (October, 2017)

The Writers Squared series connects seasoned authors in dialogue about their work. In October, the GLCL hosted its final series of the year with poets Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Eric Torgersen and Marc J. Sheehan. They spoke, specifically, about their experiences with small-press publications.

Couldn’t attend? Never fear; you can watch from the comfort of your own home:

GLCL Writers Squared from Wealthy Theatre on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Community Media Center/Wealthy Theater for the expert videography.

In 2017, the Writers Squared series was supported in part by a grant from the Michigan Humanities Council. Phillip Sterling, program director.

GLCL is now Write616!

Introducing Write616!

Happy New Year from all of us on the Board of Directors!

As you all know, 2017 was a year of transition for the organization, and as we ring in 2018, we’re looking forward to harnessing all the wonderful momentum of the new year to springboard some of our new developments. Among the things you can look forward to seeing in 2018 are a new name, a new website, a new currency—really!—and lots of exciting new programming! We’ll be implementing changes gradually throughout the first few months of the year to make the transition as seamless as possible.

In our search for a new name, we aimed for something simple and relatable, one that would reflect our goals of broader community outreach and cohesion. Write616 will be an organization that carries forward the best parts of the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters, building on them to foster a thriving, interconnected literary community. We’re very excited to continue this journey with all of you.

Here are just a few of our 2018 Write616 series:

We’ll also be continuing to hold one-off events throughout the year, as well as some delightfully creative fundraising events, so keep an eye on our calendar and Facebook page for updates!

Look forward to an upcoming email with more information about changes in our online presence, and the many other ways you can interact with the organization. In the short run, you’ll still see some co-branded material using the GLCL name as we complete our transition, and we’ll still maintain (for a short time) the existing GLCL website and email accounts under the domain.

Thank you for your support as we have navigated the transitions of the past year. We look forward to building an even better community with all of you.

Wishing you all joy in the new year,

Write616 Board of Directors

… In with the New!

Welcome to 2018! The prior year is gone, filled with (we hope) happy memories and much personal growth.

Likewise, GLCL is gone—at least as a brand identity. In with the new: Welcome to Write616.

We’ve got a lot in store for you. Stay tuned.