Please review this page for frequently asked questions.

I stopped by the Hub but saw it was closed. What are the Hub’s hours?

We no longer occupy the old bookstore building at Wealthy and Eastern. In the short term, we’re co-locating with Caffeinated Press at their office at the corner of 32nd and Kalamazoo. Intermittent office hours will be announced as scheduling permits, but for now, the Hub is permanently closed. Our events will be held at a variety of interesting venues across the greater Grand Rapids area.

Can I still offer books on consignment?

Because the Hub is now closed, we no longer offer a consignment bookstore. We are happy, however, to work with you to share advice to improve your sales techniques.

What happened to Roni?

Our founder and longtime president, Roni Devlin, stepped down from the board of directors at the end of December 2016. We’re immensely grateful for her continuing support and ongoing friendship.

Is GLCL going away?

Throughout 2017, the board of directors has engaged in a series of deep strategic reflections about the role of GLCL in a post-Roni, post-Hub world. We believe that the mission remains as vital as ever. By the end of the year, we determined that not only do we want to keep the organization going, but we want it to thrive. We’ve changed the brand from GLCL to Write616 and we’ve added a ton of exciting new programming. We’ve done away with stodgy old memberships. We’ve shed our dependence on a building in favor of finding authors and poets in the communities in which they thrive.